The Process

Creative Process

Being creative in a fast-paced world is one of the most challenging jobs that we have here at My Outfit Online. However, it is truly one that we enjoy the most. Our inspiration comes from celebrities, most-watched YouTubers, and above all from you. We receive hundreds of messages daily from our loyal followers with suggestions and recommendations for future products. This is an essential part of our creative process as we work around your suggestions to incorporate your ideas from design to fit in our future collections.


The design process takes longer than you can imagine. We are constantly working months in advance to deliver the right pieces at just the right time. In the creation of new products, we assure that our design values, standards, and brand narrative are consistent within the production. A secret that you may not know is that My Outfit Online has a palette of thousands of fabrics that have been carefully reviewed by our design and quality control teams. Along with these fabrics, are hundreds of unreleased sketches waiting for the ideal moment to be launched.


After the product design has been mastered, our design team begins to work closely with our manufacturers to bring the sketches to life. This process is long and tedious but worth it. On some occasions, we might see as many as six different sample pieces before the final design is approved. Throughout the approval process, we are making sure that our high-quality standards are consistent. When you purchase a My Outfit Online piece, we assure you that you are receiving a product that has been tested multiple times on different occasions, environments, and body types to provide you with the utmost quality and fit.


Most of our pieces are manufactured in the US with a small percentage produced overseas. We have a close relationship with our manufacturers to ensure that the entire process runs smoothly. All collections are being produced with the best technology, machinery, and ethical practices. We produce limited pieces of each design, giving your clothes a long-term value and a factor of exclusivity.


Transparency is one of the fundamental values that our team holds throughout the marketing process. We put great value and honor in ethical marketing tactics such as honest reviews, word of mouth, and providing our customers with clear information on each product. We have built a brand loyal audience which has been crucial to our evolution, as we have a large community that is in love with our vision. The building blocks of our brand will always be the relationship we have with our customers. We aim to continuously evolve with you and produce high-quality pieces that are worth sharing with the world.